Zakirah going to Tokyo Disneyland

Zakirah, 12 years old, is a very brave girl who has an ovarian yolk sag tumor. She continues to attend school and take part in sports.

Her wish was to go to Tokyo Disneyland and hug Mickey and Minnie.

Thanks to Make-A-Wish Malaysia, who coordinated with different travel agencies and Tokyo Disneyland, Zakirah and her parents were at the airport Thursday 24 of September 2015 ready to have a memorable trip.

Le Marché de Noël team came to the airport to meet them, and to wish her a safe trip.

Zakirah was very happy, and we were gladly surprised when she offered us a beautiful card she made herself to thank us ! With some French words ! ! !

It was such a joyful meeting !



zakirah23  zakirah24


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