During the Marché de Noël 2014 edition, a total of RM158,500 was collected and equally split between 2 local associations : Make-A-Wish Malaysia and A-Heart-For-A-Heart.



Thanks to your generous partnership and donations, we donated RM79,250 to A-Heart-for-A-Heart in 2014, who supported 5 surgeries.


Rakeshan A/L Balamurukan

Rakeshan A/L Balamurukan  – born : 6 July 2014

Rakeshan’s father works as a storekeeper and mother is a housewife. Rakeshan has an older sister.  Rakeshan was born with a hole in the heart- Ventricular Septal Defect. The defect if not closed, can result irreversible damage to the lungs and affecting his quaRakeshan A/L Balamurukanlity of life.


Thanks to the contributions Rakeshan went for a corrective surgery on 17 January 2015 . Rakeshan is an active baby now, he is learning to walk ,  just made his first few steps and will be turning 1 soon.

Donation from Le Marché De Noël : RM40,000


Nisa Syakirah AnnailahNisa Syakirah Annailah  – born : 3 September 2014

Nisa’s father does odd jobs in his village to make ends meet and Nisa’s mother is a housewife. They have 3 other children. Nisa undergone corrective surgery on 12 May 2015 as she was born with Coarctation of the Aorta (narrowing of the main artery) and ventricular septal defect (a hole in the heart) . Nisa requires a pacemaker to further improve her condition.

Thanks to the contributions Nisa had a pacemaker insertion done on 30 May 2015.

Donation from Le Marché De Noël : RM25,000


Louis Koh Rui JieLouis Koh Rui Jie  – born : 13 February 2015

Louis’s father is a promoter while his mother works as a beauty consultant. They have 2 other children. Louis was born with Patent Ductus Arteriosus (an extra blood vessel) and Ventricular Septal Defect (a hole in the heart) .

Thanks to the contributions Louis is enable to undergo corrective surgery to improve his quality of life. His surgery is scheduled to be on 23 June 2015.

Donation from Le Marché De Noël : RM17,000
Muhammad Alif Danial – born : 28 February 2014

Muhammad Alif’s father is an operation assistant and mother works as a clerk. They have 2 other children. Born with Total Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Drainage (TAPVD), blood flow returning from the lungs is draining abnormally.

He went through a surgery on 12 March 2014, to divert the blood flow from the lungs back to left upper chamber and another surgery in 29 September October 2015 to relieve obstruction of pulmonary blood flow. Muhammad Alif is a fighter, he recovered from both surgeries and is doing very well now.

Donation from Le Marche De Noel: RM18,340


Tarakeshwar – born : 2 March 2014

Tarakeshwar’s father works as a security guard and mother works as a teacher . Tarakeshwar , their only child, was born with Pulmonary Atresia with intact ventricular septum – the blood vessel  to the lungs is completely disconnected from the right sided heart chamber  as his right heart chamber is small and under developed.

Tarakeshwar  has to go through corrective surgery in stages. He had the first surgery done on   4 April 2014 ,  and he went through another surgery in 30 October. Tarakeshwar is up and about now will be a big brother soon.

Donation from Le Marche De Noel: RM18,340


In 2014, we donated RM70,000 to Make-A-Wish Malaysia, who have granted a total of 6 wishes since January 2015.

enfant-princesse2Farhannah, Age 7, Adrenal Neuroblastoma Stage 4.

Like young girls her age, Farhannah likes all things princess especially Elsa from Frozen. She has watched “Frozen” several times and owns several Elsa dolls.
When MAWM met her, she even sang the Frozen theme song – “Let It Go” for the volunteers and told them how much she wants to be Princess Elsa and build her own a snowman.


To add to the theme, she wanted her family to dress like characters from Frozen as well.
MAWM had so much fun crafting this wish for Farhannah at I-city Snowalk.
Farhanah’s parents were delighted to see their daughter become a Princess even just for 1 day.

Donation from The Marché De Noël : RM3,000


enfant-ordi2 Syahmi, 18 years old with Osteosarcoma.

Syahmi is a intelligent teenager who considers Bill Gates as one of his inspiration. Syahmi, who is bed-ridden had his wish granted at home in Melaka, joined by his beloved family and relatives.

enfant-ordi3MAWM created a little party for him by bringing his favourite food including pizzas and a cake.

Syahmi was presented with an item he longed for – a gaming laptop, headphones and mouse. To help him enjoy using the new laptop, a custom-made table was also made for Syahmi where he could put his laptop, drink and books!

Donation from The Marché De Noël : RM5,500


enfant2 Yusril, Age 13, Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML)

When presented with his laptop, Yusril was very thrilled to also see a Real Madrid jersey with his name and favourite number printed on it.
Yusril an avid Real Madrid fan used to play football & badminton before he was diagnosed. He can now continue with his favourite sports on his new laptop that he wished for.

To celebrate his Wish, MAWM brought Yusril and his family from Puchong for a scrumptious meal at the rotating restaurant in KL Tower . Yusril and his family were so mesmerised by the view of Kuala Lumpur city.

Donation from The Marché De Noël : RM4,500


enfant-panda Kamarul, 6 years old, Relapse Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

Kamarul is an animal lover who always wanted to go to the zoo. As an enhancement to his wish, MAWM organized a ‘zoo-tastic’ day for him and his family to experience a fun day at Zoo Negara where he could see his favorite animal, the pandas!enfant-zoo2

Apart from see the animals up close, Kamarul also bought souvenirs to remind him of his trip to the zoo.

After the ‘zoo-tastic’ experience, Kamarul enjoyed his favourite meal at Chillis where we presented him with his PS3. The look on his face was priceless as he unwrap the gift.

Donation from The Marché De Noël : RM4,000


enfant-singapMei San, Age 13, Burkitt’s Lymphoma

Mei San has heard others talk about Singapore and always wanted a visit there.
Mei San’s wish came true with the generosity of Axens. This timid little girl, plus her family of young siblings, got to fly to Singapore thanks to Firefly who sponsored the air tickets.

A letter from Mei San

A letter from Mei San

In Singapore, Mei San and her family went to Universal Studios where they had the most marvellous time going on the rides. Other activities on the itinerary were a visit to watch the nocturnal animals in Night Safari, Underwater World to greet the exclusive Pink Dolphins; it was a fun filled and memorable trip for Mei San indeed.
Mei San and her family live in Rawang and have not been outside Malaysia before. After the trip Mei San wrote a letter to thank her sponsors.

Donation from The Marché De Noël : RM13,000


enfant-disneyland2Zakirah, 12 years old,  Ovarian Yolk Sag Tumor.

Zakirah with Ovarian Yolk Sag Tumor at the tender age of 12 doesn’t allow her illness to defeat her. She continues to attend school and take part in sports. Her wish is to go to Tokyo Disneyland and hug Mickey and Minnie.


MAWM planned a memorable trip for Zakirah and her parents.

The Marché de Noël team came to the airport to meet them, and to wish her a safe trip. Zakirah was very happy, and we were gladly surprised when she offered us a beautiful card she made herself to thank us ! With some French words ! ! !

Donation from The Marché De Noël : RM35,000





During the Marché de Noël 2013 edition, a total of RM107,000 was collected and equally split between those two programs:

  Make A Wish Malaysia, which grants the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions.

  A-Heart for A-Heart, Gleneagles Charity Programme  which helps children born with congenital heart defects.

  We donated RM52,500 to Make A Wish Malaysia who supported 5 surgeries :

  We donated RM54,500 to A-Heart for A-Heart who granted the wishes of 6 kids :

  Hewing – born: 21 December 2013. 

  Born with an extra blood vessel (Patent Ductus Arteriosus). He is the only child. Father is a lorry driver, mother is not working. Heswin had a corrective surgery for his heart condition on 17th February 2014 and had another surgery for his eyes as he was also born with cataract.

  Donation from Le Marché De Noël :


  Hilmi, 15 years old, Bone cancer, wanted to have a Samsung Note 3 & gear watch.

    He had his eye on the gadgets for quite some time, and was ecstatic when his wish came true! Hilmi, who battles bone cancer, travelled all the way from Pahang to enjoy his wish experience, and it was a refreshing change for him to get out of the hospital. Hilmi’s weekend ended up with an experience he would never forget, the magic and wonder of snow? Hilmi and his family were brought to the Snowalk at i-City. We hope Hilmi’s wish experience has given him the hope, strength and joy needed to spur him on in the battle against his illness.

  Donation from Le Marché De Noël :


  Claudya – born: 8 April 2013. 

  Father is a fisherman and mother is a full time housewife. Born with a heart condition called Transposition o Great Arteries. Claudya had a corrective surgery on 20th February 2014 and is recovering well but still need close monitoring.

  Donation from Le Marché De Noël :


  Nurin, 6 years old, Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia wishes A Samsung Galax.

   She excitedly counted down the days until her wish day, and our wish granters threw her a party to remember. After undergoing chemotherapy, she often feels nauseated but looks forward to watching videos and playing games on her father’s Android phone, sparking her interest to have a gadget of her own. We hope the Samsung Tab serves as a way to brighten her day as she continues her brave battle against her illness.

  Donation from Le Marché De Noël :


   Shahir – born: 23 January 2013. 

  Shahir lost his mother few days after he was born. He was born with holes between the upper chambers of his heart (Atrial Septal Defect) and with other complications. He had the corrective surgery done on 6th March 2014.

  Donation from Le Marché De Noël :


  Zulaika, 8 years old, Ovarian cancer had the which to organise a special birthday party. 

   She was just a few months away from celebrating her 8th birthday, an event she was very much looking forward to. It was only fitting that her heartfelt wish was to have a celebratory birthday party to mark the occasion. Her big party took place at The Royal Bintang The Curve, and many of her friends and family members were in attendance. Her favourite local celebrities Fara Fauzana, Datuk David Arumugam and Syanie also came specially to celebrate her big day with her, much to her surprise and delight.

  Donation from Le Marché De Noël :


  Nur Qaisara – born: 28 April 2012. 

  Nur Qaisara had her second surgery for a heart condition that she was born with – Tricuspid Atresia. Her first surgery was done when she was 6 months old. She had her recent operation done on 26th November 2013 and she will need her last corrective surgery as she gets older. Father works as a Computer Trainer and mother is a teacher.

  Donation from Le Marché De Noël :


  Ying Mei, 14 years old, High Grade Angiosarcoma of Left Shoulder (a rare but agressive form of tissue cancer).

  She has always wished to see and pat a Kangaroo !  So Make-A-Wish has planned for her to visit Australia with her family.  At first this trip was delayed due to Ying Mei’s health, but thankfully on 1st April, Ying Mei and her family flew to Perth where they stayed at the Good Earth Perth Hotel.
During their time there, they went to Swan Valley and Caversham Wildlife Park. In Caversham Wildlife Park, Ying Mei got a special arrangement from the guide. She got to touch and hug the kangaroos and many more animals. Moreover, she was also allowed to hug a koala ! Ying Mei also got to visit Perth Mint to see gold pouring demonstration.

  Donation from Le Marché De Noël :


  Yap Thong Yen – born: 13 November 2001. 

  Born with Tetralogy of Fallot (Hole in the heart and the blood vessel to the lungs is blocked). She had an operation called TOF in 2004 and another surgery recently on 9th December 2013 to insert an artificial valve. Yap Thong Yen is under the care of her aunty who works as a manicurist.

  Donation from Le Marché De Noël :


  Chi Leong, 11 years old, Osteosarcoma – bone cancer.

chileong1  I wish to have a Samsung Galaxy Note to stay in touch with my school friends !

  Chi Leong’s dream of owning his very own Samsung Galaxy Note came true, and he was surprised with the gadget at a special outing with his family.

  Donation from Le Marché De Noël :


  We will keep you informed of ongoing Make A Wish Malaysia and A-Heart-For-A-Heart charity efforts with the collected funds.

  Haziq, 11 years old, Osteo- sarcoma wished to have a PlayStation 4 with a TV screen.

  He loves playing games and really wanted a PlayStation 4 to help him pass his time as he is constantly in and out of the hospital receiving his treatments. His special wish day was held at Red Box Karaoke, The Gardens, and Haziq was surrounded by his parents, siblings and friends. They all had a wonderful time, and towards the end of the party, he was presented with his gift, which was the gadget he wished to have! He was so excited to see it, and his grin never left his face even as he departed the venue to head home.

  Donation from Le Marché De Noël :





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